The Beowulf Course is On Its Way!

Hi everyone! I’m hard at work building the next Clockworks Academy course, this time focused on Beowulf. Whether you’ve always wondered about Beowulf but have never actually read it, or you read it years ago and want to look more closely, or you’ve read it several times and want a new perspective on it, you’ll find something for you in this course!

The Clockworks Academy Beowulf course is aimed at non-specialists, and we’ll read Beowulf in translation.

Come join us, starting on September 27th!

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Writing and Editing Services

I’m very pleased to say that Clockworks Academy is now offering writing and editing services! I have years of professional experience in all kinds of writing, from creative to academic, and now you can take advantage of my expertise. I can:

  • Write copy for your business, webpage, pamphlet, brochure, newsletter, bulletin, banner, or cloud-message

  • Proofread any kind of professional writing

  • Research and write blog posts or articles

  • Write a four-point bullet list of things I can write

If you need something written, I can write it!

Dracula Begins in One Week

Hi everyone!

As some of you already know, the Dracula Course was scheduled to begin today but for a number of reasons I’ve decided to push it to next week. That’s good news for you because it means you still have time to sign up!

Register for the eight-week course on Bram Stoker’s Dracula here! Whether you’ve read Dracula ten times before or have never read it at all, whether you’re obsessed with vampires or don’t really see the appeal, there’s something for you in this course and I think you’ll be glad you joined!

Watch Frankenstein With Us!

In one week here on Clockworks Academy I’ll release a special bonus ninth week of the eight-week Frankenstein course. I’ll spend a class talking about the 1931 film adaptation of Frankenstein, starring Boris Karloff and directed by James Whale. This class will be available to everyone; you will find it on the public lectures page here at Clockworks Academy.

Frankenstein 1931 is available to rent via YouTube, Amazon Prime, and iTunes, and probably elsewhere too! Watch this classic film, then come join me for a full class exploring the movie in relation to the original text!

The lecture will go up on April 1, but this is not a prank.

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Dracula is coming!

Well that’s a little ominous.

What I mean is that on April 15 the second course from Clockworks Academy will begin! This course will focus on Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and I’m very excited about it! Sign up now and come join us!

It's Alive!!!

Building this website, this school, and this business has been exciting and a little bit nerve-wracking. I've been wanting to do it or something like it for a long time, and it has been a big step (made up of a lot of little steps) to make it real.

I chose Frankenstein as the first course to offer because I knew I would enjoy teaching it and I thought people would enjoy studying it with me. And today the Frankenstein Course goes live to my first class, and I find out if I was right!

If all goes well over the next eight weeks then Frankenstein will begin again on April 15th, and I’ll add Dracula, beginning at the same time.

If all doesn’t go well I’ll have some difficult decisions before me. So here’s hoping it does!

Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you in a Clockworks Academy course soon!


Frankenstein Course Begins in One Week

The Frankenstein Course begins a week from today and I’m hard at work preparing everything! I’m really looking forward to this course, and I hope those of you signed up are looking forward to it too! If you’re not signed up yet, it’s not too late yet, but time is running out quickly, so sign up now!

For those wondering, the course will feature eight hour-long lectures in both audio form and video (with accompanying slides and visual aids), as well as access to a private discord server for ongoing class discussion, and two or three (depending on student interest and scheduling) live seminars. All that starts when the first lecture goes live on Monday February 4th!

I’ll talk to you then!

Soft Launch

Well what do we have here?

I am planning on fully launching this site and this business soon, and the first course offered will be Frankenstein.

Bookmark this page and tell your friends!